We are specialists in production and distribution of precision products for machines and other technical facilities and devices - from small and medium batches to subassemblies and custom-made items. We have all the required technology an knowledge to deliver right from our premises, as well as a team of professional and best qualified workers. This allows us to offer the entire services for all types of materials:

grindingerodingmillingturning components made from
carbide – ceramicssteelnonferrous metalsplastics

TROB is ideally positioned in the market whenever precision components of the highest standards are required, particularly in the electronics, automotive, aviation and packaging industries as well as medical enigneering. Our customers include global German corporations. Against the backdrop of globalisation, our components can be found in machines and plants all over the world: in many European countries, in Northern America (US, Canada), and also China and India, the major emerging markets of today's economy.