Once there were two men, co-workers at a tool manufacturer, who had a common vision: to found their own company and manufacture precision components themselves. The time was right on April 1st in 1984: Johann Tröstler and Leonhard Oberbauer took on the challenge of entrepreneurship and thereby beginning TROB's success story. The small enterprise for optical profile grinding started with one employee in Winden/Aign (a market town belonging to Reichertshofen). Delivering high quality products right from the beginning – achieved with high-precision machines, the founders' know-how and rigorous quality assurance – ensured the economic development and acquired a growing customer base. Investments were made in new technologies such as surface grindingen/services/grinding/surface-grinding.html, round grindingturning and milling, and personnel was increased, resulting in exhausted capacities at the existing premises by the end of 1985.

Rapid growth: Relocation to Rohrbach by the end of 1986
In order to create conditions for further growth of the company, a suitable piece of land was purchased at today's location in the Rohrbach industry area and planning for a new building began immediately. The company relocated between Christmas and New Years in 1986 and began production with a staff of 16 employees on January the 7th in 1987.
TROB GmbH continued to grow in the following years. An extension of the range of services to include new technologies (wire EDMsinker EDM and EDM hole drilling) went hand in hand with the increase of quality assurance. This development required an expansion of the production area by additional 330 square metres to 1100 square metres at the time.

Planning for a second production hall began in early 2007; it was ready to be occupied by the end of the year. Increasing the company grounds by another 1000 square metres to the current 2100 square metres set the stage for the further positive development of the company.
The number of employees at TROB GmbH (about 45 employees as of now) has grown steadily as well. Yet the attention of TROB has never been on growth but rather on quality and expanding vertical integration. What we aspire to the most is to stay a reliable partner for our customers in the future.
While Leonhard Oberbauer withdrew from operations in 2009, he continues to be a partner. Since then Johann Tröstler has led the company as managing director on his own.